The Riddle Of Sphinx

The Riddle Of Sphinx 1.01

Brain-bending fun in ancient Egypt


  • Neat, Egypt-themed graphics and sound
  • Helpful hints system
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Gets a bit repetitive
  • Too difficult at times


If the ancient Egyptians had had mobile phones, you can be sure they would have downloaded this game.

The Riddle Of Sphinx tests your puzzle-solving skills to the max, charging you with the task of clearing the blocks from the game board by pushing them together in the right sequence. You do this by clicking on the arrows that surround the board to push a line of blocks in one direction. If two or more blocks are touching then they will be removed. It's a kind-of cross between Subokan and Tetris.

Although the actual controls in The Riddle Of Sphinx are very straightforward, the puzzles themselves are very difficult. In fact, I think the Egyptians had an easier job building the pyramids than I did trying to finish all the puzzles in The Riddle Of Sphinx. You are aided by a warning dialog that pops up when you're about to make a move that will prevent you from finishing the level. This is a useful hint, and one you'll end up relying on a lot. If all else fails, the 'Solve' option will finish the puzzle for you and show you how it's done.

In terms of its presentation, The Riddle Of Sphinx looks and sounds nice, without being anything special. The graphics are small and colorful and the Egypt-themed music and sound effects make for a nice touch.

It gets a bit repetitive (and often downright frustrating), but The Riddle Of Sphinx offers a challenge that will keep you gripped on your way to work.

The Riddle Of Sphinx


The Riddle Of Sphinx 1.01

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